Screen time under 2


So we all know the recommendation for no screen time under the age of 2 and we also all know how unrealistic that really is, but a recent holiday has left me wondering have we gone too far in our use of apps and cartoons as distractions for our little ones.

Myself, himself and the little one recently had a long weekend away, staying in two different hotels, in Ireland.

I’d arrive at dinner time with the changing bag and a bag of toys and books. No more glittery clutches for me. Also dinner time is now 5.30 but anyway…

The book and a small selection of her favourite toys kept her going for a while but when you’re 1 and a half and you’re in a new place you have to explore! So myself and hubby took it in turns to accompany her as she set off to explore.

I’m old enough to remember the 80’s when you’d wander far and wide and just check back in with your ma for meals. I know those days are long gone but I was still pleasantly surprised to see that older kids are allowed to roam around a bit, in pairs and checking back in every 15 minutes or so. We made loads of pals in the first hotel. Every night we’d bump into other kids and have the chats with them as they all made friends.

My little girl loved playing with the other kids and ran around having a ball.

Then we moved on to a second hotel and it was all different. The kids around us were handed smartphones or tablets at the start of the meal and didn’t look up until it was time to go. At one stage my little girl even approached another girl of similar age, trying to make friends, but the other girl was too engrossed in the phone.

Lookit, I’ve only the one baba to worry about and everyone has to do what they can but when there’s loads of other kids around surely we should be encouraging them to all play together?



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